Not One Among Them Whole by Edison McDaniels

A Novel of Gettysburg and the war.  With much thought and detail this book will put you right in the scene of what the soldiers when through during the war.  Even some of the details of how they had to work to save them men’s lives (gross), had more details than most could even handle.
So many lives were lost during that battle, along with many others.  Our soldiers deserve the memory of their lives to live on.  This book does just that with the fact that the way the book is written, you feel as if you were there with them and that you personally knew them.
Mr. McDaniels went into details of how the surgeons had been so exhausted during the days of the war and trying to save all of the lives that they possibly could.  They were trying to save the soldiers lives and while they had very little or no rest whatsoever, they were still on their feet and trying to keep their men alive.
I have to recommend this book to anyone that knows a soldier that has came home from a war, loves to read war books or action books.  If you have a very sensitive and weak stomach, I would suggest staying away from the book.  It’s that detailed.
Another story he’d written called “The Crucible” can be found here free of charge.
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