NO More eBooks and Update

August 31st, 2013
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Just an update for all of our followers and readers!

We will no longer be doing ebook reviews due to a virus that was implanted on our computers.  These were hard to detect as they not only were in the system and detected by but also had downloaded a few programs that were found in our control panel.
Due to this, the change is effective immediately.
We can still do company, site, printed books and any other types or reviews.  We just cannot do anything that consists of downloading files.  I do have one that I had already started and that one will be completed shortly.  The one that will be done is the remaining of the electronic downloads and also an app for iTunes.  
We have also considered that there are a few sites that we will be joining in to do blogging for, some will be removed due to not enough participation in the sites as I’d like to have.  I’m one that would rather have loads going on with a site to where when you check into every day, you see something new, not the same thing over and over for two weeks at a time.
With all of that said and out of the way, we’re gathering information for a book that is being put together by several of the work from home moms.  If you work from home, feel free to email the information of your business as long as it’s free to join or sell from.  Sites for the book is very important.  We will also include a short bio, brief detail of the business or link that you choose to have included.  This is for family friendly ONLY.  
The book is for low income families or those that want to work from home to get caught up or make it by without falling behind due to the economy.  Those that read the book will also learn how to get into doing product reviews, blogging, selling, advertising and such.  
The main goal for this is so that those that are behind or even not making it by can actually get ahead or caught up.  This will also help them to be able to do things that they have been wanting to do but not able to beforehand.  We want to help America as much as we can due to the economy issues and also because we’ve done this ourselves.
The screenshot above is also our NEW and LATEST Alexa rankings as of August 31st, 2013 at 6pm Central time.

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