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Nichole Nordeman CD review and giveaway!

Before I began this whole review and giveaway, I want to share something with all of you as my readers and followers.

As most of you know, if not all, I have six children.  My four eldest are all girls.  My eldest moved to Sweden when she turned 18 and graduated.  Then, 2 years later, my then 16-year-old turned 18 just recently.  She still has one year left of high school.  My now 18-year-old also has been dating the same boy since she had turned 16, right after my dad passed away.  They are engaged to be married in May of next year.

I have a 16-year-old and a 13-year-old, both girls.  (My two youngest are boys.)  I had never realized that they were growing up so fast and turning out to be the women that they are turning into or have turned into.  It’s so difficult to let them fly away and leave the nest.

No.  I do not like the boy who my now 18-year-old daughter is with.  He has NO respect for anyone, especially not his own mother or even me.  I fear that he will not even hold it for my daughter.  I can tell you that he has cheated on her once.  I can also tell you that his mother almost beat his rear over it.  My daughter still has the fear that he will do it again.  (No.  I do not care if he ever comes across this post.)  He knows that recently after given events that I will fire back and do not care how he feels.  He don’t care about how I feel or the fact that I was the ONLY one that TRIED to get along with him for over 2 years.  After the things he said to me for the fact that I have my children doing chores and causing me to question my own abilities as a mom, I have a huge reason to worry about the sake of my daughter.  I also know that she will have to learn from her own mistakes and I can’t hold her back.  It’s the only way a person can learn, they have to make those mistakes.  Yes.  It does hurt to think that I could try to stop it, but if I do, she will not learn and the next time could be worse.  (That is from my own past mistakes.)

What brought this on, you may ask?  Well, probably because I’d never listened to the original song on Nichole Nordeman’s album that came out before.  I had never heard the song “Slow Down”.  Every since earlier today when I had the chance to listen to it, I’ve been in tears.  As a mom, I really wish that when I said that they were growing to fast and that they needed to slow down, they had.

She has a book “SLOW DOWN” coming out in August, pre-order here: .

Nichole Nordeman

This CD actually has another version of it and it’s a little more touching.  It actually has a child singing along with her.  Oh the tears that it will bring to a mom and knowing that their child is growing so quickly, graduating, getting married or having a child of their own.  Yes, they are tears of joy!  (Except in my one daughter’s circumstances.)  However, I did promise them that I would NEVER stand in their way if it is something that they truly wanted or that it would make them happy, even if only temporary.  *sigh*

Keep in mind that my daughter that moved to Sweden is so much happier now that she is there, healthier and a mom herself.  My granddaughter turns 1 on the 23rd of this month.  (I promised that I would never place images of her online.  I’m so sorry everyone.  But a promise is a promise.)


I’m not normally one for slow songs or anything that doesn’t have an upbeat type rhythm to it.  This one, is great for relaxing and still for dedicating to your child and family.


Now, on to the giveaway!

Must be 13+ and living in the USA.  Only 1 winner for this giveaway.  

Nichole Nordeman


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