What we are doing for the next 2 weeks update

Update on our next 2 weeks ahead of time

For the next 2 weeks update: we’re going to be doing only a few posts, except sponsored or guest posts.  Some of the posts will be about ergobaby, Baldwin men’s care, Zyacon (provided we hear back from the sponsor) and writing on my next book.  The first 2 are being edited as we speak.  The next one will be edited right after it’s written and before it’s published.


Stay tuned for more of an update on the book.  The first 2 might be combined due to them being so short.  This one will be a bit longer and should be out within the month of September!

Just a tad bit of info on the book:

Nicole’s mother found out that they are the heirs to Cleopatra when she was born.  Her father had split and he’s just shown back up after all of that time.  He has a secret to tell them and Nicole.  It’s something about Nicole and his side of the family.

There will be more details shared over the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned!


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