New Year’s makeover and hopefully a new me

Starting out 2018 with a New Year’s makeover

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  There is no cost to you.  The links are just to help maintain our blog.  All thoughts and this story are my own from my own experience.  

We all know that choosing the right outfits for any occasion is well… very difficult and sometimes pricey.  Not to mention that when we have children, some of us women let ourselves go and then we just don’t care until you realize it.  I’m really wanting to do the whole “New Year’s makeover” thing.  It’s always someone pointing out that your clothes are not as they use to be.  Why are we always wearing bluejeans and tees, tennis shoes and not boots or cute slip-on shoes?  It’s not like we feel like getting up every morning just to try to look good when we don’t get any sleep throughout the night, stumble over toys on the way to the bathroom in the time that we are awake at night with a teething toddler.  “Those bags under our eyes, we try to make them match what we are wearing.”  Yeah.  I had been thinking the same thing for ages.

To this very day, I wonder who started the whole thing about it feels great to go back to work after maternity leave.  My son is almost three, hardly ever takes naps and when he teethes, OMG.  That boy can put out a total dragon type scream that will cause your eardrums to bleed out.  And now that will also explain why the hubby needs to have his ears checked.  That or he has a serious case of “selective hearing”… and I’m going with that!

So, between an autistic son that is seven, two teenagers still living at home (someone coming into the room in all hours of the night) and the toddler (that I might add has HARDLY EVER slept through the night) … my husband snores like a grizzly bear with a chainsaw in the middle of the night standing right next to your head.  If you’ve ever heard that saying, “someone is sawing logs” or “snoring like a grizzly bear”, you will understand that he’s loud enough to wake two of the children (the teens) that are living upstairs!  He snorts out in his sleep at random times causing us all to jump out of a deep sleep and leaving our skin attached to the mattress.  Then we wonder what we just heard.  After being married almost 10 years, I still can’t get use to that!

Now, to get to my point.  With all of this, I no longer wear makeup, worry about my hair (it’s always just pulled back into a ponytail), tennis shoes and I only own one pair and tees all the way.  I only own three bras (making laundry pure heck) and those things don’t fit right!  I’ve tried different brands, sizes and even different styles of them.  NOTHING fits right and hasn’t since I had my toddler.  Before that, at least I had some luck with finding something that would fit right.

New Year's makeover
My mom needs a makeover after having all six of us… I’m number six!

Yup, that is the terrorizing little boy that tries to grab everything in sight, can’t sit still (unless he’s strapped down to eat, like the image above that my daughter took).  That is one of my main sources of “NO SLEEP” and why I’m up at 2 in the morning and writing this post.

This is the mom (me) that is in SERIOUS NEED of a makeover!  Keep in mind, that is a fake smile.  I hate being on that side of the camera due to my looks, wardrobe and such.  My hair is always in a ponytail (hence the scrunchy around my wrist).

this mom needs a makeover
I wish I could afford a makeover!

After telling you about my line of clothing, do you really think that I need new clothing?  Um let me see:  Everything has holes or stains, one pair of jeans fit right, my shoestrings are fraying on my shoes and I only own one pair of those and let me see… oh yeah, you know the story about the bras (under garments are not to be mentioned as that is taking personal to a whole new level).  Then my socks, may I say that they need to be totally replaced as well.

I’ve been looking for deals online to shop for clothing.  I will not use Wish!  I have had sooo many issues with that.  I couldn’t count on all fingers and toes how many times.  Even my daughters tried to buy off of there for Christmas.  Either they didn’t tell everything in the description, the descriptions were wrong or the items just never arrived… we’re still waiting on some that were ordered at the end of October.

So, with that said, here is one that I want to share with you that I did find.  Amazon, as you can actually see to the left of this post, is my all time favorite place to shop (and all online)!

That will cover some of the night shirts that my teen daughters keep running off with.  Since I’ve not really worn makeup in about twenty years, as bad as that seems (and my eldest is twenty years old), this is one mama that is about to step up her game.  Keep in mind that I don’t wear anything but eye shadow, lip balm or lipstick and maybe ever once in a while, I will actually wear concealer / foundation (one or the other).

So now I have to go to the whole hair thing.  My hair is starting to grey after having highlights and with all of the wanting to do “a whole new me” (or should I say, the old me) routine, I now am wanting to dye my hair again.  I’m not sure if I should go all out and do something more me than ever before or stay as a not-so “wild child”.  These are a few of the things that I’ve also got in mind, but not 100% sure on.  Later after you are done reading, you can tell me what you think.

I’ll do a post on the rest of my idea of a whole new me later.  Right now, I really need your help with determining what hair color I should go with.  What do you think?

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  There is no cost to you.  The links are just to help maintain our blog.  All thoughts and this story are my own from my own experience.  

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