New Updates: Virtual / Site / Article / eBook reviews

There are a few changes having to be made here on the blog.

I am sorry to say that I now have to charge for virtual item reviews as I am spending my time reviewing them and no pay or any type of physical item in return.  I am a mom of five children and this takes away from them and away from my time with them.
If you’ll view the page Virtual / Site Reviews, you’ll see that I am still not charging very much and still not really getting my money worth on them.
I do not have any objections to doing them, I just have to charge as there is NO physical product, nothing that I can literally get away from the computer to test.  Please understand that I do love reading the eBooks, checking out other sites and such.  Like most in America and around the world, I have to have some sort of income.  I choose to either have a physical product or to be paid  to where I can pay bills that I’m behind on.
I love my clients and my readers. I’m seriously hoping that you all will understand.  If you have questions, the email I use for the blog and clients only is  Feel free to email me with any concerns and I’ll get back to you asap.  I normally do not take very long to respond.

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