New Info On Scammer Jackie Scarbrough

I think all of you remember the scam issue with Jackie / Rhonda Scarbrough. Well, I filed the complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I found a post she made on Myspace, but here is the thing.

I don’t know what basket she is talking about, the package never shipped, the tracking number was bogus and I have proof.  If you will look in posts made around the end of March 2012, I posted our whole entire conversation from Facebook word for word, letter for letter.



Here is a copy of her post on MySpace:

 I just now have learned that someone’s blog was telling people not to buy from me. If you look at my photos and see what people have said about me and how I ship and about my products. You will see there are way more people who are happy with my items than there is not.

Now let me explain something. I make dipped critters and candy baskets. Now if you order a candy basket and a dipped critter, if I was to send both in same box the candy will taste like the dipped critter. So there is only one way to assure that it will not have a perfume taste is to ship it in a different box. Now once the item or items have left my hands I have no control over how fast or how slow it gets to you or the person you are sending it to.

Now as far as what this person has said about my business, there is 2 sides to every story. I shipped 2 items to her and I paid for the 2nd shipment out of my own pocket. I shipped everything to her and I have no control over if it gets to her in time or not. This is something she needed to take up with the Post Office not me.

As far as a refund, I would have refunded her the money for the basket but she was wanting more than what the basket was plus she was wanting shipping as well. And I paid the shipping on the basket myself not her.

also now she got a oil burner as well. Trust me do not ever go through a drop shipper. You have to depend on them to get your item out and get it out on a timely matter. In this case it was sent and it was sent to the wrong address. I addressed with the drop shipper and was advised they would send another out. Well of course it was shipped out again and went to the wrong address. So i had called back and got no where. Which is where paypal comes in. I filed a claim on this drop shipper. Which is when paypal got ahold of the buyer and asked her to be patient and give me time to get it taken care of.
Now as far as what is she saying about me. I am not worried about it. I have way to many customers to be worried about her. Read messages on my profile and on my pics where people are very happy and love the items i have sent and make them.


Ok, now keep in  mind, she’s not even close to being done.  I have never done anything to her, refunded when asked as long as the product was defective or if it was damaged in transit.  So, here is the thing…. Paypal was NEVER involved as she had me to use  I have proof if I end up needing to do phots and copies of transactions and such.  I don’t mind it at all to prove my side of what has happened.  Keep in mind, someone who scams others, are always going to be perfect liars to try to cover their butts and make their story (and that is exactly what she is telling a “STORY”) look like a wonderful piece of cake.  This same Jackie Scarbrough also goes by Rhonda Scarbrough..  Her Myspace link is! 
I have several of her email addresses:,, site also includes Pink Zebra Home (Will not list due to the scam to protect my readers) where I filled out the form and she called me with non related information.  I contacted Pink Zebra and they said it was against their terms.  However, they never done anything about this and she remains an affiliate / consultant and got to keep her web site.  Her Facebook link is  (If you have Facebook, protect yourself and block her now while you can. )  

I’m one that don’t make statements that I cannot prove or protect myself against.  I am owed transfer fees, money paid to her, fees for using and Paypal as I used my paypal account and debit card to transfer all monies that were paid to her through  I have reported to BBB, sent all of Jackie’s information to BBB, and made it clear that the only way I would agree to a settlement is to make sure that will now defend others, and help them to resolve matters and not turn a blind eye.  I’ve also went as far as telling them that I would like Jackie’s name mentioned on the site somewhere as a scam artist to protect other Serve merchants that decide to use them for sells and buying or bill paying. They are to remove her, block her and to make it clear that from now on no matter what happens, they are to help customers as far as being scammed. They are to get better security measurements.

This is one thing that I want more than anything.  I lost money for my medications, medical travels, and medical bills.  I was told by Jackie / Rhonda that she would make me a deal to buy some things that she has made as she does not like to post things for sell as it takes to much time.  I agreed to buy them.  I paid for the first package and the shipping.  I told her that my husband did not want me to pay for the other until I had a tracking number.  She sent me one… It never registered through and would not work for anything.  She told me it happened to another woman that bought stuff off of her and it would work in a few days that I could go ahead and pay her the rest.  I told her I would make a portion of the payment until the other one came into the system…which never did.  Later she had the nerve to tell me that she had to go to the PO to pay more postage on a Flat rate box, as she didn’t pay the postage in full.  Well, the red flag went up as a few minutes later, she told me it was on it’s way and had been shipped and she’d ship the other box when she went to town.  It never shipped and neither did the other box.  These boxes were to contain dog tags that she had designed, electric tart warmers, tart melts, a stuffed Scentsy animal from where she WAS with Scentsy (frog), and a few other things.

If she had shipped it in March when this had originally occurred, I’m sure it would had made it here way before June 15th, 2012.  If I must add screen shots of all Paypal and serve since then, I will to show proof.  I’ll even go to the extreme of learning how to take screen shots to prove every single word of this.

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