New Book Releases

In the past week to two weeks, I’ve managed to publish two books. One
is my prayer journal and all proceeds go to helping others.

Conversations with GOD!

This is my prayer journal and it describes my personal thoughts, things
I’ve been through, my conversations that I’ve personally had with GOD
and a few other things.  You can purchase the hard copy version by
clicking the image of the book cover above or you can purchase the eBook
version here at:  Or the Kindle Version of the book:

The second book is called: Nicole.  Nicole is an actual story and is a sort of romance type book.

 The Kindle version of Nicole can be purchased via clicking on the image above.  The eBook version can be bought here:

I’m still trying to get this one in hard
format to be purchased as a book.  I’ll let you know when the site will
cooperate with me to do this.  I’ll be holding a contest for the
Conversations with GOD very soon via the blog here to have an
autographed copy of the book.

New fan page has been set up on Facebook and you can fan me here: 

Please share this and pass it along.  I’ve
sold 2 copies of each one so far.  I’d love to be able to sell more. 
There are two more books in the making and one more in idea form as of
now.  Each one is a bit different.  Nicole is one of my favorites of all
of them.  Conversations With GOD is actually one where you will get to
know me, as you have here on the blog.  It also lets you learn all about
my family, how my life is, what my ideas are and desires.  It will
allow for all of you to see inside my world during the past few months. 
ALL the proceeds to Conversations With GOD goes to helping others. 
Anything earned from that one book is to help the other families I’ve
set up to help.  There are eight families so far.  If you’d like to know
how to help these families and you can, feel free to message me
personally on the Facebook fan page.  I’ll get with you as soon as
possible and let you know what is needed to help.

Hugs to all of my readers and my fans,
Lia Burres

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