New Android App Review

Photo by Friend In Palm
One great creation to do almost anything from placing calls, navigation and much more on your cell phones is  called the Friend In Palm, also known as FIP.
What is even better with this app is that you can update Twitter and Facebook with voice commands.
The app is also for using friends photos to completely redo them into someone totally different.  You can change their looks to make them look like the opposite gender.  You can even program the app to have a different accent.
When you get this app, you’ll also be able to check the weather around the world.
Need quick help with math?  This app can also do math and even some Algebra.
Are you getting ready to go on a trip or travel long distances?  Check the weather to determine what clothing you need to wear depending on the weather for when you get to where you arrive.
The average rating for this app is 4.3 and is available through Google Play apps.
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Cost is a low $1.99.  A great deal for an app that does all of that and more!

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