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This post is sponsored by NeoCell and from their PlatinumMatrix Collection. (NeoCell Matrix) + $50 NeoCell Gift Card Giveaway

New date on Giveaway is set to be April 22 – May 15.


NeoCell has a set of new products called PlatinumMatrix Collection.  The collection consists of products like Derma Matrix and Glow Matrix.

NeoCell Matrix

This is a powder that you mix with either water or juice.  It works really well in smoothies too!

(Personally, I prefer juice.  I’m to chicken to use water because I don’t know if it has a taste.  I’ve not had very good outcomes with powders in water in the past.  I’m to chicken to try it this time.)

The powder is mixed as directed.  You mix 1 scoop and should (if possible) be taken on an empty stomach.  This powder does not contain soy, wheat, lactose, starch, yeast or artificial flavors.  It is gluten-free.

The NeoCell Derma Matrix helps promote reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, increases hydration by 21% and supports cell turnover and elasticity.

This is a clinically tested bioactive NeoCell <<<(Their site is currently being redone and you can view the catalog and other sources.  Their new site will be up before the giveaway ends.) >>> collagen.  It contains vitamin c & hyaluronic acid.

Each container holds 30 servings.

NeoCell Matrix

Ok, so I have got to have close to the world’s driest skin.  It literally looks like a snake shedding and in tiny flakes.  It’s like someone has literally tried to bake my skin like a chicken in the oven and the skin becoming flaky.  I’ve been trying for well over 6 years to get this to go away.  But to no avail, it’s still here.  I’ve noticed with the Glow Matrix it’s slowly going away, but at least its going away!

The NeoCell Glow Matrix is an advanced skin hydrates and has clinically tested ceramides + Pine bark + Glow Matrix blend.  This is to help improve the skin moisture and elasticity in the skin.  It also helps to reduce the signs of aging.

This does not contain lactose, starch, yeast, GMOs or artificial flavors.  It is gluten-free.  It does contain wheat.

By using these, your skin hydrates from the inside and not through from the outside.  It does combat the damage that has been done to the skin.  By doing so, it’s for healthy and glowing skin.

The dosage is a bit different from the powder.  The bottle that I have in the photo, and in front of me, holds 90 capsules.  That is 30 days worth.  You are supposed to take 3 pills a day.  I suggest taking them individually throughout the day.  1 at breakfast and with a full glass of water or juice.  The same thing for the other 2 meals that day.

NeoCell Matrix

NeoCell’s Matrix line is something that I do recommend.  Especially for all of the women out there that want to keep looking young or start looking younger.  If you want to have softer and more toned skin, reduce the fine lines the Derma Matrix and Glow Matrix are the perfect things to aim for.

You can check out the full line that NeoCell has to offer here.

Here is your chance to win $50 gift card / voucher to NeoCell.  They have other wonderful products to choose from too.  Note: The soft chews are absolutely yummy!



Here is your chance to win the $50 gift card to NeoCell.  Giveaway runs from 4/26 – 5/15.

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