5 Minions All In A Row

You have no idea how many years I’ve been trying to get a photo of all of my children.  Well, one is not able to be here and she is 1/2 way across the world.  But, I still got the other 5!

Oreo face is Ryder, sitting in Bree’s lap. Jannie has dimples. Robert is giving the two thumbs up. Ayrial is the one that is behind Robert.

Well, they are not all in a straight row, but these are my five little minions.  I have six.  Why do I call them minions, you may ask?

If you’ve ever watched the movie Minions, you will see all of the other minions following right along behind Kevin, the main minion.  When I go somewhere, shopping or to the doctor, they all look like that following right along behind me.  Except Ryder.  Ryder is the little one with the Oreo on his face.

I still don’t know how he slept through a shopping trip at Walmart, but he did. Right up to the time that we checked out at the self checkout.

I didn’t give them time to get cleaned up or anything.  Normally if they see it coming, they run faster than a cheetah chasing down food.  You can’t get them to actually do it.  So, I didn’t tell them or give them the chance to run.

Ryder, I mentioned earlier is the little boy in the lap of my 15-year-old, Bree.  Her name is really Brianna (pronounced like Bree – an – na NOT Bree – on – na).  She can’t stand to have her name pronounced wrong.  It’s like a huge pet peeve of her’s.

This is Cleo. Cleo is short for Cleopatra. Her eyes are how she got her name. She was found here at the home we are in and she was a small tiny kitten. She was scared and it took crawling under the house to catch her. She’s been here for seven years! Bree is Cleo’s pet. Not the other way around.
As odd as it sounds, her eyes are not hazel! They are amber. I don’t understand it, but her eyes are actually amber in color.

This is Bree.  How she got her name is actually pretty funny.  When I was pregnant with her, I had two names picked out for her. 1 was her grandmother’s name from her dad’s side.  The other is the one that she picked out.  I remember we couldn’t agree and what made us ask her, that is beyond me.  When her dad asked her if she wanted her grandmother’s name, she didn’t respond.  When he asked her about Brianna, she kicked him hard enough that his head bounced!  So, she basically picked out her own name.


Jannie is the one sitting down with the dimples.  She will be 18 on the 8th of March.  She’s had a rough life as young as she is.  She died when she was 3 days old and we managed to bring her back and rush her to the hospital.  She was supposed to have had a twin.  The twin didn’t make it by the second trimester.  1 week after her 16th Birthday, her Papa passed away.  She waited for him to come home and have cake with her when he was in the hospital.  He never got to come home.  He passed away on March 15, 2015.  He had stage four liver and lung cancer.  Yes, both were in the 4th stage.  It literally tore her apart on so many levels.  She’s even started having stress seizures. (Click to read about stress seizures.)  Yes, that is actually a thing.  Since then, her grades dropped, she has anger issues and even tries to hide from everything else that could be good in life.  She’s coming around slowly.  But, she is still getting there.

She has been going through therapy.  That is what is a slow progress.

Jannie. This photo was edited with SnapChat.


Robert, is the little man standing in the photo.  He, too, was suppose to have had a twin.  I lost his twin at the 2 1/2 month mark of pregnancy.  To be completely honest, I don’t think I could possibly handle 2 of him!  He has more energy than any human I’ve ever seen!  He can’t sit still, will not go to sleep easily and he can’t concentrate.  I don’t want him put on meds for it, so we manage him the best way possible.

When a person is ADHD, they operate differently than a person that isn’t.  A person that isn’t can drink caffeine and they get energy from it.  With ADHD a person can drink it and they slow down.  Well, I don’t like giving him cold drinks because of the carbonation in it.  So, coffee it is.  When I do, he actually will sit still long enough to do his homework.  Now to tell his teacher what we’ve been doing.  Chocolate is a “no-go”!  The sugar amps him up to the point we want to glue him down to a chair or the floor.  We’ve never acted on it.  We just agreed that it would NOT hold him!  He’d either rip the floor up or break the chair to get loose with all of the energy that he would end up building up.

Robert Summer 2015 Small creek in Jackson County, TN

The funny thing about his teacher, she’s my cousin!  I would have never thought it and didn’t know she was even teaching at the same school until he landed in her room.  It’s really a blessing.  If I miss out on anything, she lets me know.  If there is something going on and the children are having some sort of celebration or anything, I’ll know even if I forget.  She reminds me!  I’m the world’s worse for forgetting things.  We just have not told anyone else.  Robert doesn’t really know or understand.  My husband and I figure that if we don’t tell him, then the other’s won’t know.  He will not get any favoritism.  Not to mention that the other children will not pick on him.


Now, for the one little girl standing up.  That is Ayrial (Ariel is how it’s pronounced.  Yes, like the mermaid).  She will be 13 in July.

Ayrial is playing in a huge box with Ryder. How her hair turned out looking blue, I probably will never figure out.

Wow, it seems like ALL of my girls that are still living at home hit a mile marker this year within 4 months time.  March is Jannie’s 18th birthday.  April is Bree’s 16th birthday.  July is Ayrial’s 13th birthday.  They all are having a very special birthday this year!!!

Anyway, there goes my part of the bipolar.  It’s the type that I lose track of what I’m talking about and rattle on into something totally different.  I don’t lose my temper or anything like that.  I do have mood swings.  My husband will freely tell you that part.  So, back on topic.

Ayrial is the one that is more like a little mama hen.  She tries to be a mom to everyone, even if they are older than she is.  She doctors up their wounds, bathes the younger ones, gets them ready for bed and everything.  Of course, that isn’t all the time.  We let her when she wants to, but it’s still a mom and dad thing, unless we need her to.

She also loves cooking and baking.  The cake below is one that she made and decorated all by herself.  I trust her in the kitchen because she’s been cooking since she could reach the counter tops and knows the rules and also the safety rules.

Ayrial’s latest creation. A cake that was white and she used food coloring. She also used white icing on the cake and between the layers. Yes, there is two cakes and she made it into a layer cake. The part that she cut off, is what is crumbled on top and around the edges.


This is why it’s difficult for mom to get anything done during the day when the others are in school. He falls asleep on my left arm or right. That leaves me with one hand to work with. But, I still love it! I’m going to miss it when he gets to where he don’t want to cuddle in my lap at nap time.


Now, since I didn’t get a photo of my daughter that has moved away, I do have one thing that we done together when she was here.  She has what some call a “green thumb”.  She grew these roses on her own!  We took this photo last year before she left.  She would use them to make rose petal teas and things like that.  Caitie grew pink and red roses.  She could tell you about any natural remedy, herbal teas or fix them and the list to that keeps going.

I promised her that I would not post a photo of her or my beautiful granddaughter online.  So, sorry for the let everyone down, but I made that promise.  I don’t make promises that I cannot keep or think that I might not be able to keep.

Copyrights are reserved. Caitie’s roses for 2015.

Caitie is now 19 years old and my eldest.  My youngest is 19 months old.  I have six minions.  However, right now, I have 5 minions all in a row.


This post does NOT contain any affiliate links or even a product.  So, with that said, this is just to let you know.  It doesn’t need a disclosure.

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