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Vita Sciences has created a cream of B12 that can be applied to the skin and it takes very little with each use.  The B12 serum / cream is to be simply applied to where it absorbs into the skin.  My mother and I both have applied this to our hands and they look younger than what the did when we began using this.  My mother is 57 and I’m 36 and will be 37 in September.
This helps with anti-aging for the facial areas as well as other areas of the skin.  Please be sure to NOT get this in the eyes.  You can apply it around the eyes.  If it’s for when you know that you’ll be sweating, refrain from applying around the eyes as the wetness will cause it to literally get into the eyes and can cause irritation.
If used correctly, this is said to have one month of carefully measured out uses.  If used differently, it will end up being a completely different amount.  If you use it on your hands and facial areas, it will only last about half of the month.
This certain application of B12 also has antioxidants and moisturizers.  It helps the skin to feel softer and replaces the dead skin cells.
This is a honest review of my own thoughts. The product was received in hopes of this. There has been no other compensation offered, intended or expected. There are some affiliate links included in the review. This earns a small portion of income via a small percentage. By purchasing through those links, I will earn to help support this blog and my family. This post is also in the FTC guidelines.

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