Math City eBook

Math City is not what it sounds like.  It’s actually a neat story to capture meaning, math, and it helps with telling a story for a lot of children to understand the math lines.  Yes, I mean the math lines of the Upper Lying Line and the Lying Line.

The lying line in math is the one that goes side to side.  The upper lying line is the one that goes up and down.

In the tale of Math city it tells a story of how the Lying Line is not wanted by the smaller numbers and the Upper Lying Line is not wanted by the large numbers.  Lying Line can make the small numbers turn into zero and then they become nothing.  The town’s people of Math City then start arguing over which one should stay, Upper Lying Line which will make all the large numbers become more obese or the Lying Line which will cause all the small numbers to fade into nothingness.  The smaller numbers and the larger numbers then go into war with the two Lines being their leaders.

The whole story tells of subtracting, adding, multiplying and many other forms of math.  It’s a really neat story.  I only found one minor mishap that should be changed for the younger audience to be allowed to read it.  There was one word in there, *D–n* that should be replaced with a different word.  Other wise this is a great read for anyone that loves math, teaches math or that is learning new math.  Very well written and I have to give it a thumb and a half up.  I’d give it two thumbs up if it were not for the one word.

I myself as an adult, love the book.  It’s also a wonderful read when you’re sick.  I read a whole lot while I’m sick and this one just made my day!

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