Matcha DNA The Science of Tea Review

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Did you know that there is a chemical in Green Tea that will help you to lose fat?
Welcome to Matcha DNA Science of Tea.  This is in powder form to help your body to absorb the chemical in the Green Tea a lot faster and helping you to lose weight.  is 100% organic and grown for maximum potency.  Note the photo above: Certified Organic.
Each package comes with 34 little packets that are individual for each fixing of the tea.  It helps to keep the powder fresh and ready for mixing.  The tea is also known to be a “superfood”.  This tea has the Chinese origin with ultra high antioxidants with eecg.
With this, one glass of the tea is equal to 10 glasses of normal green tea with it’s contents.
What I like the most about this is that it can be used as a tea but also as a season with cooking.
“Cooking with green tea as a seasoning?” you might say.
Yes, you can cook this into your food and it’s an awesome seasoning. 
Green tea dates back to over 1,000 years in the Song dynasty in China.  It was also used in Japanese tea ceremonies.
The taste is thick and savory with a deep green color.  The tea is also smoother and rich.  It’s smooth with a fresh taste.
If you’re like me and need to diet, but want an organic way to do it, I suggest using the Matcha DNA tea.
I received a pack of the Matcha DNA for my honest review and thoughts of the product.  In no other way were there any other compensations.  This is in the guidelines of product reviewing.

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