Making reading time comfy, cozy and free

Make your reading time comfy, cozy and free

Reading time is the best part of the whole day. It’s a fact, and you can ask any avid reader. Although a true bookworm will tell you that there is no specific ‘reading time’. What makes the reading time even better, is obviously a steaming cup of coffee, tea or wine, whichever you prefer. However there is something we cherish even more and that is finding the perfect piece of furniture as well as the perfect reading position. Throughout the years there have been various products popping up all over the internet some of which are pure genius while others are downright crazy. Read along to find out how to achieve maximum comfort while indulging into your favorite read.

1. Invest in a Reading Light

I remember my teenage days when I used to get so engrossed in a book that sleep was not an option and reading past my bedtime was the coolest thing I could’ve ever done. Of course, back then, torches under the bed and a small beam from the entrance hall light were the only options for reading light. Adult and family life have made sure that the only time I read is at night, hence I had to find a suitable reading light which can cater to all my needs. Now the market has exploded with various amazing as well as extremely innovative reading lights. Just the other day, while I was perusing the internet I stumbled across a product named LiliLite™. It is innovative idea which incorporates a bookshelf, becomes a bookmark and provides a reading light, all rolled into one. For more information follow the link to LiliLite™.

2. Lounge in a Comfortable and Cozy Chair

Leather club chairs have always been a class apart. Imagine yourself, winding down at the end of a day spent running after your kids or grandchildren, lounging in a club chair, an engaging book in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in another, with the rain pounding outside bringing with it the sweet comforting smell of wet honeydew. Quiet a day-dream no? Well, in order to achieve it, you need to get yourself a classic, vintage leather club chair, although a bit pricey, they are the perfect piece of furniture for a bibliophile.

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3. Mind Your Posture

Maintaining a suitable body posture is very important, for you as well as the kids, especially while reading. We bookworms rarely find one position to read in. As the book progresses and becomes more engaging, the bookworm slips away from reality towards a weird, inhumane body posture. The result, a stiff body, with severe neck and back pains. It is better to follow a healthy routine and some guidelines such as;

  • Keep the book at your eye level
  • Maintain a distance between your book and eyes
  • Keep a straight back, this helps negate back aches
  • Last but not the least, take small breaks during the reading spree.

Bonus Tip:  Since keeping the right posture is so important, but the innate need to be comfortable while reading is another problem, opt for a reading pillow, pillows with arms which are shaped like an arm-chair, but can be placed on a bed, floor, wherever you want them. They are also known as reading pillows. They have been gaining popularity and are available in all shapes and sizes. They are light, and easy to carry, and I would say the best thing to be invented since sliced bread.

Happy and Cozy reading!

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