Magnificent Malevolence

Magnificent Malevolence is written by Derek Wilson.  The book is not exactly what I had
expected.  The book is written about a
lower level demon that is working his way up in levels with the other
demons.  Personally, I don’t like soap
operas, and the book is telling us that they made the shows to get people to
think that adultery is alright, killing is a way of life and such.  Now I understand why I don’t like the soap
The demon goes to the devil and uses where he has warped the
minds of humans as his case to get the devil to help him in a mission.  You’d have to read the book to find out if
the devil went along with the demon and helped on the mission.  (I refuse to put in a spoiler.)
In this book, demons walk among us to turn us from the
truth.  They are just as normal looking
as we are.  They are there to inspire us to
do wrong, do things that are against the rules of God. 
This book is based on the C.S. Lewis “Screwtape Letters” that
was written in 1942.  In this he also
describes how they are influence with wars, governments, churches (to decline
memberships and those that are saved), other countries as well as other
individual lives. 
The book actually gave me the heebeegeebees.  I ended up having to let my husband read it
as it really gave me the creeps.  He
loves to read things like this, but this was just way to out there for my
reading.  I guess because I really get
into the books and feel as if I’m in it. 
My husband doesn’t get that far sucked into them.  I do recommend that if this type of book is
what you’re into.  It had to be really
good for me to creep out the way that I did.  
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