Luxy Beauty Care: Stretch Mark Cream

There is finally an intensive cream / serum for stretch marks.  It has absolutely no smell and takes very little for each use.
What I like the most is that it relieves the itching associated with stretch marks and pregnancy almost instantly.  It also reduces the appearance of the stretch marks.
Application of this cream / serum is actually very simple.  you use a circular motion in the areas that have these stretch marks (tiger stripes).  You can also apply to many portions of the body; hips, thighs, arms, tummy, rump and other areas.
It’s safe to use during pregnancy.  I’ve been using it to keep the itching from where the skin is stretching the skin due to stretch marks as the baby keeps growing.  Considering this is the 6th pregnancy, you’d think my skin would be use to it by now.  However, my skin is stretching and this baby is making my stomach larger and have more stretch marks.  It’s itching from the outrageous stretching on both sides of my naval.


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