Living the Good Life in Good Hands

This post brought to you by Allstate. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the year of 2003 we relocated to GA.  We had done this for many different reasons.  If it had not been for Allstate, we would not have been able to find insurance at all.  We went through so many different insurance agencies and Allstate was the only one that we were able to find affordable caring insurance.
While actually getting settled in, we realized that we were in a whole new era of life and had to start with making new friends, new jobs, new home and everything starting over from the very start.  It was a difficult time and the children had not been old enough to start school yet.  At that time we had only three children and they were all five and under.  There were no new parents to talk to, no way to meet new people and the neighbors were the types that were not the type you’d want your children around.  The first place we were able to acquire meeting new people were at the local water park.  The people were great and allowed our children to be involved with the birthday party that they were holding and accepted them with open arms.

We didn’t realize that we were so close to the military base but we realized that the military families were more of open arms than just the men defending our country.  Many don’t realize that families are just as involved with taking care of our country, than just the military heroes.  Their families are just as much involved as they are and care with the hearts of the soldiers.  Our soldiers’ families are there for us just as they are.  They are fighting a struggle with taking care of our country while their husbands and other family are overseas or out at sea fighting for our country, our freedom and our safety against terrorism. 

Allstate recognizes these things and even holds our soldiers close to their hearts.  They do things for the military base and the families that live there.  They are way more involved with America and their safety than most will ever realize.

Allstate, you will always have a special place in our hearts as you pulled them and my family through some really difficult times.  You’re the best!

What are some of the “Good Life” moments that you have endured?  Share your story with us.
Allstate Good Life

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