Life’s Blood by Gordon Gumpertz

Life’s Blood Review
A Texas oil rig, called the Tango 5, has exploded.
Commander As of the Freedom Brotherhood sends a dim black and white video of him masked to Brewster.  Brewster is the main honcho in the investigation for the explosion.  He brings in Cody, the son of a legend in the company, to help with the investigation and getting the accurate numbers needed on the oil supplies for the world.
Cody believes it was an inside job that got the Tango 5 blown up.  There was nothing left of the explosion to investigate that way.
After an assignment that failed, Cody was sent back to his former job as manager over his previous department.  By doing this, the woman he’d left as manager became enraged and almost quit until he made her co-manager.  
There is something really fishy going on inside of the agency.  The main guy of the company has an investigation going on with a few of the employees and they are suppose to dig up all correct and current information.  By doing this, they are hoping to find the companies leak and determine how to find Commander Ax of the Freedom Brotherhood.
The writing was hot and in details.  The description of the club scene and the characters were wonderful.  You felt as though you were actually there.  This author is well drawn into the reality of the book to make it real and draw in the readers as if really there.
Even when reading the assignments and work that the staff was doing to investigate was pretty intense.  When you actually get to the point of finding out who Commander Ax was, it’s almost mind blowing.
This book is certainly a 5* on a 1-5 rating.

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