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Would you choose cord banking for this reason?  What about placenta banking?  Every family needs a lifeline, especially babies.  Every person is born unique.  With the unique part of life, everyone is made up of what our health will become as we age, or even when we are born.

For those of us that have a history of issues via our health, we can assure our children are protected.  The placenta carries special elements to our birth.  That is why placenta banking can be done for  those elements called cells.  The cells are things that can help save our lives, their lives or any life later on.  The umbilical cord, too, can hold those cells and become a powerful life force when we need them for medical uses later on.

LifebankUSA helps by being a “life insurance” for things that we all need as a assurance.  They offer the ability to have peace of mind.

When I had my children, I really wanted to do this for them.  I know our family medical history is the best in the world.  Honestly, it is horrible.  Every chance I got, I lost due to our finances and trying to raise six children.  I’ve heard wonderful stories of this being done.


LifebankUSA offers cord blood banking, placenta banking and even tissue banking.  Each one of these are a great way to keep your family looking to a bright future.

This little bit of banking helps with future health issues as follows:

  • Less issues when used with blood transfusions.
  • If you’re lacking medical treatment options, this is a great benefit to have (bone marrow transplants being in that list).
  • Helps with cancer treatments and immune disorders too.

The list keeps going.

Since cancers and immune issues run in both sides of my family and the children’s families, I think that it would had benefited them.  Hopefully by this post, it will help to get the word out to all of the moms, dads and soon-to-be parents out there.

It’s close to home with us as I just lost my dad to stage 4 liver and stage 4 lung cancer.  We lost him one month after being told that he had it.  It took them that long to find it.  Chemo sped it up and didn’t do anything but kill his white blood cells.  When it done that, he went down hill so fast that it didn’t take long that we lost him.  IF, I had been his biological daughter, I would had given him anything to keep him here and my own life.  I didn’t have that ability.

Please, all of you out there, for the benefit for your child / children and your family, cord blood bank all of the cells as they are extremely important!  It can and will save a loved one’s life!  So can the placenta blood banking.  Don’t regret not doing this like I have.  It’s well worth the effort of keeping your family healthy and safe.

You can bank on that!


This is a sponsored post from a mom that has their own regrets.  Yes, I was compensated with a gift card to purchase other needed items.  No, there wasn’t any other compensation.  All thoughts and words are my own.


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