LifebankUSA Cord and Placenta Blood Banking

The one thing that I have always wanted to do for all of my children, but never got to do, is use their cord blood banking and the placenta banking.  The benefits are amazing.  It can do amazing things and save their lives if something horrible were to ever develop health wise.  It is a great thing to have for bone marrow as well as other health issues.

LifebankUSA has the highest ratings out of all of the other cord blood banks.  It’s a life changing decision that should be considered if your family has a lot of medical history that can be life threatening.  Every family should seriously consider this when bringing a child into this world.

This little guy is my latest child.  He was born in May of this year (2015).  Little man has had stomach issues since birth.  When he was born, I had to have four surgeries at the same time he was born.  One of those surgeries was a c-section. He’s now 5 months old.
Being like we are, with six children, we just couldn’t afford to do it.  It’s expensive to raise six children and if we had the money, we would have certainly done this.
On the 11th of November, we take him to Mt. Juliet again, to see what the doctor has to say.  He’s still having so many feeding issues with any type of formula.  He can take in juice, which is watered down, but no formula stays down.  The juice has to be extremely watered down or he has the runs and can dehydrate very easily.

Before you do this, consider having the finances to do the cord blood banking first.  You’ll be thrilled that you took that step before thinking of having a child.  Not only for your sake, the baby’s sake, but for the whole family’s sake.  It can also benefit someone else in your family, provided they have the same blood type.  You’d be really amazed that this is possible.  
No life, NONE, should have a price put on it.  For the price of the banking, you can save a life, family members are precious.

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They cover what is known as Advanced Biobanking.  Advanced Biobanking is an ongoing research that has been studying these cells.  There have been 80 cures to diseases found.  They are still researching many more and looking for cures through those common cord blood.  Cord blood is only the beginning.  They have also found treatments for some diseases.
Below is a screenshot of some of the other bits of information that you will find very helpful.  

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