Lessons From the Gypsy Camp by Elizabeth Appell

As a small child, Lolly is picked on and bullied by many, including her father.  Her father works for the city.  She attends a Catholic school.  Her mother is an artist with a pill popping problem due to her dad.  Her dad is an alcoholic and drinks “horns of corn”.
On the other side of the levee is a small little area they call Cougarville, the Gypsy Camp.
Her dad, the drunk, believes in “consequences” for every person’s actions.  The town, shuns all of those that live or go into the Gypsy Camp unless it’s the county officials.
Lolly cannot stand her dad as her threw her cat that she’d had for 10 years, her whole life, over the levee.  She was determined to find “Bo”, her cat.
She’s forbidden to go on the other side of the levee, to the Gypsy Camp.  She is very hurt.
Does she find her cat?  Will she go to the other side of the Levee?  Do you want to know what the secret is that hides over at the Gypsy Camp?
Certainly recommended to all that love the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.
The author, Elizabeth Appell, sent this for me to share my honest thoughts on the book.
My honest thoughts:  I absolutely loved it.  I wouldn’t had put it down if I could had gotten by with it.  Many things are learned throughout the book, both the young and the old.  You’ll enjoy this book.  I sure did!


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