L’BRI Pure n’ Natural

Pure and natural Deep Pore Cleanser set… better than Proactive!
Independent Consultant: Nicole Maciejewski
I just recently started using this.  It starts working as soon as you apply the first step and it doesn’t burn but very lightly tingles.  With skin that is very sensitive and wrinkles, it works wonderfully.  I could see a light difference in the wrinkles too, as they are not as noticeable as normally seen.  So even that can be vouched for with the combination of these three steps.
The lotion is to die for.  I have a serious issue with dry skin on my legs since living down south due to the hard water (even with water conditioning and all of the other things to make the water soft).  So with that said the lotion has been a blessing!  The skin is not dry as it had been.  It’s still healing it and working very well.  It actually started working after the first application.
Lotion samples are in organza bags and each sample actually is enough to do both legs and don’t need much to apply.  It goes a really long way.  Smell is awesome!

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