L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future: Review and Giveaway

The best new science fiction of the future.
Writers of the Future XXVIII printed by Galaxy Press!
16 Short stories by new authors.  They all started by entering the “Writers of the Future” contest.  
Out of the whole book, my all time favorite is about a man made of twigs, how he was made and came to be not just a man of twigs.  
They will have the next award event for Writers of the Future volume 29, with all of the winners getting their awards on April 14th
It is free to watch and it will be live streaming from Hollywood on the www.writersofthefuture.com  web site.  It will start at 6:30 PST.
(copy and pasted from Galaxy Press)
INTRODUCTION by K. D. WentworthOF WOVEN WOOD by Marie Croke • Illustrated by Emily Grandin
THE RINGS OF MARS by William Ledbetter • Illustrated by J. F. Smith
THE PARADISE APERTURE by David Carani • Illustrated by Paul Pederson
STORY VITALITY by L. Ron HubbardFAST DRAW by Roy Hardin • Illustrated by Paul Pederson
THE SIREN by M. O. Muriel • Illustrated by Hunter Bonyun
CONTACT AUTHORITY by William Mitchell • Illustrated by Rhiannon Taylor
THE COMMAND FOR LOVE by Nick T. Chan • Illustrated by Carly Trowbridge
MY NAME IS ANGELA by Harry Lang • Illustrated by Mago Huang
LOST PINE by Jacob A. Boyd • Illustrated by Pat R. Steiner
SHUTDOWN by Corry L. Lee • Illustrated by Greg Opalinski
WHILE IRELAND HOLDS THESE GRAVES by Tom Doyle • Illustrated by Fiona Meng
THE POLY ISLANDS by Gerald Warfield • Illustrated by Jay Richard
INSECT SCULPTOR by Scott T. Barnes • Illustrated by John W. Haverty Jr.
In the back of the book, you’ll find the contest information, rules and guidelines for entering the contest for the next writers of the future, how to enter and more information.  
Prizes include: $1,000,  $750, $500 prizes every three months and an annual prize of $5,000.

There is also another contest involved for Illustrators of the Future.  That information is also in there.

Who don’t love short stories, a variety and also 1 – 28 volumes of different stories from some of the best (if not the best) writers of science fiction!

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