Kid Safe email

This is a very safe account for parents to set up, easy to navigate and the safest email for kids of any age.  When a parent sets up an account, they can connect their children with their grandparents, cousins,  friends and other family members anywhere in the world!
To check out their features, CLICK HERE!
You can choose to have images or remove images from their emails, what types of files that they can except, to have certain emails with a certain type of words removed to where they will not receive emails that should not be seen by children.  There is also a choice to set up different images as their backgrounds.
This site gives you the opportunity to ground your children and they cannot log in when they are grounded.  You can have every email that they get sent to you as well to monitor what types of emails that they get and you set up whom they can get emails from or send to.
It’s the safest email there is for any protective parent to monitor their children!
It helps to protect from predators, pornography, and email from strangers!

Established in 2009, very well safe and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to any and all parents, no matter how old your children are.  You can never be to safe!
They can also be found on Twitter and Facebook and we all would be very thankful if you’d follow them!

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