Kids email monitoring and safety

Kids email is a safe way for teens and children to have their own email and still monitor for safety purposes.

kids email

They offer up a 30 day free trial.  It costs $38.95 annually.  That is $2.99 per month.  If you don’t want to do that, you can do the monthly fee of $4.95.  However, the annually you get 6 accounts for children and the monthly you only get 4.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Kids Email:

When you set the child’s safety features, you choose from several features.  You can choose their contact list and add emails that they can receive and send emails to.  If they are a bit older, you can set those features to where they get emails and send to anyone, not just their list.

You can set the settings to where they can’t edit the contact list or not.

I have mine set to where I get any emails they do so that I can monitor what goes in or out.  By doing this, I know what they are exposed to.  It makes me feel better about their safety too.

The emails can be sent to where they can get links or not get links.  By doing this, someone can’t just send them an email that has a link that would go to spam, contain viruses or even XXX rated things.  That is the last thing I want my children exposed to!

Another great features is that you can set it to where they can or can’t get attachments.  I only allow this with the older children.  My 15 year old (which will be 16 in April) can get attachments and my 12 (almost 13 year old) can.  However, my 7 year old can’t get those attachments.  I won’t let him have links and he can only contact the ones that are on his list.

When they receive an email that has an attachment or link, it goes into the mail queue.  I can then observe it to find out if I want it to go to them or delete it on my end.  It’s safer that way and I know what they are getting.

kids email

It’s also where you can add another parent to be notified and added to a notification list.  They then can help to monitor what the child is exposed to.

Each can be modified to look and feel different.  They can be set to where the template is of animals, designs or just some really neat images.  I let my son pick his own.  They are very colorful too.

I think what I found highly helpful is that if they are grounded, you can set the account to grounded.  You can then set the date for when they are no longer grounded and the time.  Just be sure to set the time zone so that it will open back up at the right time on your end.  Otherwise, you’ve created something that could be very stressful and confusing.

Each child can have their time restricted.  This is where they don’t spend every minute online and wasting their time by being online all of the time.  They are limited and have no choice but to go be creative or play, maybe a family time game.

Parents can also go into the parental controls and block senders that you feel are either unsafe, not a role model for your child or anything of the sort.


In about a week I will have a giveaway for 2 parents to win a years account of Kids Email.  Be sure to stay tuned for that!



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