Kids Book: Funky Yellow Bus

Funky Yellow Bus written by Robin B. Rosenberg
Illustrated by Bernie Fraytag
For a small child, change is not easy.  Sometimes it happens a little to quickly.  Starting school and riding the bus is always a huge change at first.
“The Funky Yellow Bus” has a main character named Brookie Cookie.  She’s a little wary of riding the bus for the very first time.  She gets on the bus for the first time to meet up with a friend and they sit together.  They transform the first ride into something much more than just a ride.  Everyone transforms it into a ride of music, fun and friendship.
This book will have your child going along with the ride of “The Funky Yellow Bus”!  There are many cool characters and many rockin’ good times.  This is a book to help them come along with a chance to overcome their fears and help them have a better and easier transition into riding the bus at an early age.
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