Kenra Grip Trio ~ #kenragriptrio Review

Kenra Grip Trio Review

The Kenra Grip Trio is a set of hairspray, dry was defining spray and whip grip mousse.  Each one supplies the hair with different holds and can help with styling your hair.  Each one holds more and longer than any other one that I’ve ever seen!

Kenra Air Grip Spray:

One of the things I like most about this is that it doesn’t smell loud or very bad at all.  It is a NEW 50% more grip than most.  It comes as a 5 ounce aerosol spray can.  The product is for professional salon resale only.  They have it as 100% guaranteed.  It is also made in the USA.

The grip is strong and has one of the best holds for any type of hairspray that I have ever seen.

Kenra Whip Grip Mousse:

This is light hold defining mousse.  It has a new 3x more volume.  The whip grip mousse is an 8 ounce can.  This has 9 amps for maximum volume without stiffness.  And oh my goodness, it smells awesome!

You just put the amount you need and then apply evenly.  Make sure your hair is ONLY towel dried.

Kenra High Grip Spray:

With a new 24 hour high hold  defining hairspray they have created your hair will hold for an extremely longer time.  It also comes in an 8 ounce can.  You are supposed to hold about 8 to 10 inches away from your head when you spray it.  It is 100% guaranteed.  The high grip spray is also for a professional hair salon resale.

There is one con that I found to this.  The smell is strong and is more of any hairspray smell.  This is something that will have to be used by someone else.  It’s not something that I can breathe.  My daughter will be the one that will have to use this.

Kenra Grip Trio


This set is amazing.  For my daughter that is 12, it has done amazingly on her hair.  Normally NOTHING has done her hair any good.  It will not do anything to style her hair.  The mousse has made her hair so much softer.

What I really love about it, is that it makes the hair soft and smells wonderful.



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