iParent review!

iParent by Don Pearson
iParent talks about the world of electronics with children, preteens, teens and young adults and how they interact with the world today.  Most children don’t commute face to face anymore.  They go to school and as soon as they are out, their attached to their cell phones, computers and gaming systems. They then don’t interact as much face to face as they truly should.  Parents need to put a stand to how much interaction a child does with his peers and not let them spend all their time on these systems.  It’s alright for them do to some of these things for a limited time and get plenty of time interacting with others and family.
I recommend this book to all parents with children, no matter how old they are.  It will always be great advice for any age, even for those that don’t have children or teens to read when they are in collage.  Even at that age, they need interaction.
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