IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity In America

Today, more parents choose to homeschool their children.  It’s not just because of safety any more.  It’s a lot of different things.  Things that come from what they are being taught, Christ and God not being allowed in schools any more and many other issues in the American school systems today.  This book is ammunition to help homeschooling parents defend their choices.  The book includes resources to challenge everyone that is deceived by the public school system.  
IndoctriNation is actually put together by many authors.  They help you to look behind myths of the system.  They system is actively at work to alter our children’s moral values, worldview and religion.  Their system is not even based on Christian beliefs any more, if it ever were.  We are the ones that are ultimately in charge of our children’s future…not the school system.  They have even removed “Prayer” from the public school and it’s caused the system to go down in public schools since then.
All of the contributing authors of this book have their own reasons for contributing to the book.  One is the a father that lost his son to a school shooting massacre, some are teachers and even co-educators.  There are at least 23 different authors that have contributed to the book.
When you read this book, it will give you much more insight on homeschooling and why to choose it over a public school.

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