I Love You Just Because by Donna Keith

Because I Love You

I love you

One of the cutest board books that I’ve seen or came across.  It’s about four little bears and how they are loved, no matter how different they may be.  They are loved unconditionally.  They consist of one brown bear, one panda bear and one polar bear.  Both parents are brown bears.

Each little bear wants to know why they are loved so much, even though they are completely different on the outside.  They want to know why they are so loved even though they are adopted.

Adoption doesn’t mean that they are loved any differently than other children are.  Being adopted doesn’t make them any different.  Just because a child doesn’t have the same blood flowing through their body, doesn’t mean that they are loved any less or any more than your own children.

I love you

Note: The polar bear is not pictured above.

For any Christian or Religious family, even if they have not adopted a child, as long as they have children, this book is great for them to have for a child.  Every child eventually wants to know why they are loved.  They want to know why they are loved by their parents.

I haven’t really figured out why children ask these questions.  I have six children and they have all asked me these questions.

As a board book, this is a really cute book for children of young ages.



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