Thanksgiving and Christmas Angels

I know I’ve got to be the most confusing person on this earth!  Either I confuse someone or they confuse me.

Any way, I’m currently gathering things up for about four families that have helped me out in the past.  They are now having hard ships and also at least one person in their family is disabled or needing surgery right now.  There are two with autistic children and these children are so amazing too I might add.

If anyone would like to donate to help pay shipping for flat rate boxes (Large), You can do so through paypal to the  I have five ready to go right now, and will be putting more together by this afternoon.  (I ran out of tape and hubby is suppose to bring me some from the Dollar Tree to finish up my tasks.)

Right now there are clothing for these families that I’ve gathered up for the past two weeks, craft items for the children, some stuffed animals for the younger ones and warm clothing for the babies.  I also included lots of samples that I’ve gathered up over the past year of shampoo, conditioner, etc.  I’m hoping to make it to the Dollar Tree after Thanksgiving to get some other much needed things for the families (things that they can use for cleaning, bathing and such.)  By the time I’m done, I should have about another eight boxes to ship out.

For those that are willing to help with shipping, I will supply you with tracking numbers and will also let you see photos of these families when they send them to me after I get them.  They deserve the help, and are very loving and kind people.

The below includes shipping of boxes to the destination you choose. Tracking will always be used!

Holiday Surprise Boxes
Small Flat Rate: Bathing $15.00 USD
Medium Flat Rate: Bathing $25.00 USD
Large Flat Rate: Bathing $35.00 USD
Small Flat Rate: Cleaning $15.00 USD
Medium Flat Rate: Cleaning $25.00 USD
Large Flat Rate: Cleaning $35.00 USD
Small Flat Rate: Non Parishable Foods $15.00 USD
Medium Flat Rate: Non Parishable Foods $25.00 USD
Large Flat Rate: Non Parishable Foods $35.00 USD
Large Flat Rate: All three $35.00 USD

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