I Can Do All Things: Empowering Children

Help your child fight peer pressure with some really wonderful skills put together as work booklets, coloring books, word cards and more.  Children with low self-esteem will normally give into peer pressure and get into trouble with the law.   Children with low self-esteem also have a higher possibility to commit suicide.
I Can Do All Things helps to teach them to keep them on the right path.  This helps them to build a strong foundation, make the right decisions and have a successful life.
The core values of this teach them Love, Confidence, Priorities, Respect, Integrity, Health, Higher Education, Peace, Faith, and a Purpose-driven Life, Goals and many other things that  will help children throughout their lives and keep them from ending up in trouble with the law or giving into peer pressure.
The site has free word search games that are printable, a calendar along with at FB Timeline Banner.
Work with children 20-30 minutes a day.  That is all it takes.  The program will last for 31 weeks.  It’s great parents that home school, teachers, guardians or anyone that takes care of children.
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