• AlainaBullock1

    I love your tip about creating a blank space! We are about to purchase our home, and I cannot wait to get started making it my own.

  • toastycritic

    I think the coolest thing you said on here was that you should create a blank space. I never thought about a home like a canvas for painting, but it kind of is. You are filling in the blank spaces of the room. It’s such a neat thought.

  • Cynthia

    Deep cleaning! That is so important! I moved to my current apartment 6 years ago, and I felt for months the smell of the people who used to live here, not nice. And, I love to go grocery shopping! So yes!

  • fashionphases

    I had popcorn ceilings in my first house and it annoyed me so much. Removing them is a brilliant idea. Also I agree replacing the carpets and painting definitely uplifts and brings life to the new home.

  • Just Julie

    Deep clean is a must in any new place for us. I think patience is needed, as much as you set everything up you need time for your house to feel like a home.

  • Doria

    We always deep clean anywhere we move, I’m a total germaphobe. 😉 It always takes a little time after we move to make our new home feel like home, but with a little effort we get there!

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