House of Cobwebs by Judith Thomas

House of Cobwebs 
Judith Thomas
When Neema Harris was 11, she had been seeing a doctor for her visions and moments that she would just sit and stare.  She could tell someone when they were going to get hurt and know when bad things were going to happen.
Her dad was laid off from a job and they had to move to a different neighborhood.  For her birthday, they bought her a used bike and she was so heartbroken as she really wanted a new one.
Her mother, father and twin siblings were slain and it was a bloody mess and horrible.  Neema was found under her bed and hiding, scared.  The police took her to the hospital where she would do nothing but sit and rock back and forth and they placed armed police officers outside of her door for her protection.  Her doctor, Winter Fremont, went to visit her to see how she was doing.  When Winter Fremont was a small child she was sexually abused with her mother’s knowledge.  Her mother had done nothing.  A man, doctor, took Winter to a home for special children that could do things with their minds.  While there, she was able to learn to communicate with others without speaking, just by entering their mind.
Dr. Winter Fremont went to visit Neema again only for her to finally communicate to her through each other’s minds.  Neema then showed Dr. Winter Fremont what she had seen. Obviously she’d shown her so much that she’d screamed and fainted in the hospital room.
This is a creepy tale of what was seen during a murder and how things happened.  Very detailed with enough details you can actually see things that are being described to you visually.  The book is well written and some parts are horrifying to the point that if you are the faint of heart, you may want to refrain from it.  If you love movies like “Jack the Ripper”, “Friday the 13th” or any similar, YOU’LL LOVE IT!
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