As They Get Older : 5 Things You Can Do To Help Keep Your Parents Healthy

Things You Can Do to Have Healthy Parents

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts are my own and no other.  There are no affiliate links.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.

Now, it can be genuinely challenging as our parents approach their golden years. After all, we want them to be as healthy as possible, but also don’t want to overstep any boundaries or end up being overprotective if they can still do things for themselves. Luckily, with some careful thought and the guide below it is possible to strike a balance in this situation that will please everyone. Read on to find out.


Keep the integrated within the family.

It is well-known that seniors that have active social lives and are integrated into the community and their families are likely to be healthier and happier. Therefore it can hugely beneficial to encourage regular interaction with the senior members of your family group.

To achieve this, I like to do things such as arranging a regular weekly visit to their house or even host a Sunday lunch at mine. Something that can help break up the week for an older relative as well as give them a positive experience to look forward to.

Now, depending on your relationship with your parent you may also want to see them more regularly than this. I do this by popping over for a cup of coffee in the week, or helping out with household tasks such as cleaning and shopping, although you can discuss it together and find out what works best for you.  

Of course, no everyone has the luxury of living close enough to their elderly relatives to be able to do this. In such a case I think it’s best to use things like social media and even video chat to stay in contact with older relatives, then you can keep them as involved in family life as possible.

Offer support with medical appointments.

Something else that older people may struggle with if their medical health. In fact, many seniors find it hard to get the assistance that they require because getting to the surgery can be tough for them due to a lack of transport and/or mobility.

To that end, I like to take the odd day off of work and offer myself as a taxi service; then I’m there to provide a little moral support as well, something that doesn’t hurt either.

Help them choose a hearing aid.

Next, don’t forget that sometimes older folks can feel a bit muddled and overwhelmed with all the new technology that is available to them. In particular, it can be tough for them to choose electronic and digital items such as hearing aids because they don’t always understand the difference between all the features and brands.

Lucky, this is something that is easy to help them with. In fact, I like to go along to hearing test appointments and take the time to learn about the different brands on the market such as BTE hearing aids, that are on offer. Then I can explain the features of each one to my older relatives and help them to make the correct decision for their needs. Something that means I am safe in the knowledge that they will get what that they need to improve their quality of life.

Discuss care options for further down the line.

Next, it’s crucially important that you take the time to discuss your parent’s care options for further down the line. Yes, it’s a hard conversation to have, but I have done it, and trust me it is so much easier to do this now, than when it’s fast becoming a reality.

After all, you can sit down with you relative and ask them what their preference is, as well as go through all of the options. Something you will both be glad you did when it comes to the time to act on this.

Allow them as much autonomy as possible.

Lastly, when I care about someone, I feel like I want to do the best for them as possible. Of course, sometimes it’s possible to go overboard, especially if the ageing parent in questions is still as sharp as a tack and very independent.

With that in mind, I have learnt that while help and support are often welcomed, attempts to control or dominate the situation beyond what is required; are frequently not.

Therefore be sure to remember that your parent is an adult, and unless there is a medical reason why they can no longer take responsibility for themselves, they ultimately should have the final say in what happens in their life regarding their health and wellbeing.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts are my own and no other.  There are no affiliate links.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.

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