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Groupon Coupon codes for Amazon

Lets talk about Amazon savings and Groupon Coupon codes and how it benefits our family.  I could benefit your’s as well.  These codes are good for Canada and the US.  All you have to do is type in Amazon or where you’re looking for in the search bar and it gives you the directions to choose which country is your’s.

Personally, I love saving money when it comes to purchasing something that my family needs or wants.  It’s something we absolutely have to do with 4 children that are still remaining at home.  I look for deals all the time.  It’s ironic that I also keep an Amazon Prime membership for purchasing little man’s pull-ups, wipes and other much needed things.  I’ve even had to replace kitchenware!  Believe it or not, it was cheaper on Amazon when I caught it on sale!

Groupon Coupon

Groupon Coupon has so many deals and steals.  Saving with them is easy.  You find the deal you want.  Click on it.  Then you go straight to the site and purchase an item that you need or want.  Your discount is applied at checkout.

Amazon is just one of many sites you can shop from.  There are many more and you can save a bundle with their coupons.

Personally, I choose them over any other app or site to save money on.  I’ve tried others and never had as much luck.  Not to mention the difference in the money that I’ve saved.  Christmas is so much easier to buy for all of them.  Keep in mind, it use to be so difficult to buy for our children during the holiday seasons.  After getting the Amazon Prime and then going to their site, I’ve saved a huge bundle on it.  No shipping and the discount that the site offers makes it so much easier!

Amazon Savings with Groupon Coupon

Here is our story:

With only one real income in this house, which is my husband, it’s difficult to maintain all of the bills and what is needed for cleaning and bathing… not to mention we have 3 that have PMS and keeping up with purchasing those.  We’re a family of 5!  The seven year old doesn’t need much.  The 13 and 16 year old needs more because they are females and then we have the 2 year old that needs pull-ups, wipes, baby bath, ointment if he gets sick and goes more than normal and then there is myself.  Well, PMS strikes, dandruff is an issue.  Eczema is an issue all over my body.  I’ve tried many different body washes, ointments, lotions and the list keeps going.  I’ve turned to using dandruff shampoo, but that is still something in the process to see if that will help even just a little bit.

Then you have to consider that there are 4 in this house that have to shave.  Buying that many razors for 4 people gets really expensive if you don’t have any way of saving the extra money.  I’ve tried it.  It was not very pleasant either!  We buy in bulk and the bad part is, not a single one of us can use anything under a 4 blade, it cannot rotate, has to be one that don’t bend either.  Everyone of us tried that.  Everyone of us had cuts.

Groupon Coupon Savings



This post is sponsored by Groupon Coupon and  We will be receiving compensation for this post.  All thoughts are our very own.  Not someone else’s.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.


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