Green Kids Crafts for Summer

Green Kids Crafts for Summer

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My children were given the opportunity for creating “Robot Workshop” robots.  Green Kids Crafts have made these for all children to enjoy.  Each one comes with everything that they need to create each one.  There are instructions included in the box with each craft being put into individual bags.

Keep in mind, my children took off with the box before I could actually get to it for making the photos for this post.  They enjoy these kits very much!

What I really like about these kits is that there isn’t anything that isn’t anything that is left out (except the bags that each one comes in).  Even the box is used for one of the crafts that are included.  The boxes are also biodegradable.

One side on this craft was for a maze that smaller children can enjoy.  The box is then used to create a robot for the rest of the crafts and to the theme that the box is included for.

I have to say that my children get really excited when these arrive.  Even my 7-year-old son gets all excited for these, now that he is old enough.  Before, when they arrived, my son was not old enough to enjoy them.

I know that this photo is not the best in the world.  My 2 year old was trying to bounce on the bed that I was using for this image.

The little robot on the left is actually a tin can with a sticker and the arms are actually suppose to be put on the box to create the robot that way.  However, they took their imaginations to a whole new level.  They used to box to do the maze one and then later they want to use it for planting seeds in.  (There is nothing wrong with that.)

Then you have the plastic cup.  It has eyes that spy on you.  Honestly, this is one that I have no idea of what it was suppose to have been.  They disposed of the directions before I got to it.  (It’s amazing how children get all excited over something and take off before your eyes.  You don’t notice it until later on.)

The blue and red thing on the end, that is a magnet.  If you put that down in the tin can, you can actually place that on your refrigerator.  I love how that works to.  It’s a perfect fit and is adorable for a decoration that you can tell your friends about when they come to visit!

As you can see, you will see the image in the background, this is the instructions to the robot of the box.  It comes with the stickers for them to use as well as the other materials.  This one came with beads, straw and string.  It came with the things to help the arms move.


My thoughts on the robot themed box is that my children really enjoy these boxes.  They never gave me the chance to get my hands on this long enough to get the photos before they tied into it.  I literally had to go into my daughter’s room and obtain the box for me to be able to get photos of what was left for me to photograph.


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