Great 2017 Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 1)

Holiday Gift Ideas for the 2017 holidays (Part 1)

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  There may be affiliate links included.  All thoughts are my own.

With having so many children to buy for, it’s so difficult for us to choose exactly what we should be aiming for.  Their likes, dislikes, foods and EVERYTHING changes.  So, for my children, every year we end up making a list of holiday gift ideas just for us to keep track of what to buy and not to buy.  Some years it’s where one that liked it, no longer likes it but one of the next in line become fond of.  It’s so confusing for a parent to know one year from the next what their child or children will enjoy, love or like.

I’ve decided this year, for the very first year (with all of the years of writing this blog) to create our list here.  Our children range in a large age range and it’s from two years to twenty years.  With that said, please keep this in mind when you go through this.  (We’re hoping to have two parts to this gift guide.)

1. Snack and Play Travel Tray

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Most of us travel for the holidays, especially even if it’s to the next town over.  Either way it goes, we’re wanting to keep the children happy and comfortable.  My idea this year, is to actually wait until we get ready to leave and place the gift in my child’s lap.  You can do this indoors or in your auto.  We’re planning on doing this in the house before we go out so that the wrapping doesn’t end up in the floorboard of the car.

This actually clips around the back of the car seat to where it fastens it on the lap.  There are sides that if they are playing with building blocks they won’t slide off and frustrate them.  With my seven year old being autistic, he gets frustrated pretty easily when things like this happen.  Then you have the little place holder pockets on the side.  That helps due to it covering the cup holder area.  You can place a cup in there without it flying when they don’t know where to put it.  I can think of all sorts of things to put in there for him to have with him, including his stuffed owl.



2. Get Qurious:

Get Qurious is a imaginative play that is enhanced by an augmented reality.  It’s a boxed item that comes with the ability to use iPhone with scanning with the QR reader.  The box itself contains items to help them to build their story, masks for playtime that they get to put together with the string to wear, set of cards, a coloring page that they scan and can see it come to life in 3D through the app.  In the app, they can also use this box to build their very own spaceship!

Get Qurious is something that contains educational stuff, but fun at the very same time.  Your children will learn to explore, music, science and so very much more.


3. My Dad Got Hurt.  What can I do?  This is a military PTSD book for children to understand their hurt parent.

This is something that every child of a military family should read.  I know several of our fallen soldiers that have ended up with PTSD.  It is something that does effect children that have to grow up with a parent that has and is suffering with it.  Sometimes it’s not something that can be cured, but something that can be helped with a lot of care and medications.  Loved ones showing more love to that person to let them know that they are loved dearly, that can help them with their emotions.

This book is something that I read to try to understand what some of my friends that are fallen soldiers have gone through.  I’ve also go relatives that suffer from it.

To help a child understand what is wrong with their parent or family member is what each of us need to consider.  This book will help them to cope with a parent, mostly a parent, that has a brain injury as well as just PTSD.

I know my children love getting books for the holidays.  Then I don’t hear from them for hours at a time.  Sometimes I don’t hear from them unless they are hungry.  Then they glue themselves to the books.

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4.  Toothless headphones:

My son that is now eight, got a pair of these last year.  He still wears these things and he loves them.  I’m, personally, surprised that they are still holding up the way that they have been thrown around, left in his toddler brother’s reach and everything that they have endured over the past year.  Personally, I give them two thumbs up and anyone that loves “How to Train Your Dragon”, will love these.  My favorite thing is looking at my son thinking how cute he is with tiny wings on his head!

What he likes about them: They are Toothless, padded on the top of the head, adjustable and blocks out his brother’s noise.  (Yup!  Those are his words.  LOL!)


Enjoy!  Happy holiday shopping for your little ones!  We’ll have a few more short Holiday Gift Ideas for you soon, so stay tuned!



Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  There may be affiliate links included.  All thoughts are my own.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.

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