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Today I’ve been working on getting more giveaways lined up and setting up reviews.  There will be several of them coming.  The review may be posted on Examiner, but the giveaways will be listed here.  I will be posting the Examiner posts here as well, to where you’ll know more about the prizes that are being offered up for grabs.  Right now I’m getting ready to put up a giveaway for a box of the books that have been reviewed.  The books will very and I am not going to make a list.  Just know it will be a box full of books (maybe a medium flat rate).
I’m slowly updating the links on the side bars, updating the buttons on the side and other pages as well.
I’m going to be removing the “Completed Reviews” and the “Upcoming reviews” pages and replace it with a search bar.  This way if you miss anything, at least you can find it a whole lot easier.  Not to mention the giveaways will also be listed on the winners page or the page for current giveaways.
If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form to message me.

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