Magnetic building blocks that are great for autistic children

Geomatrix magnetic building blocks

Here lately, I just found out that my son is ADHD and Autistic.  It’s not a good combination.  We’ve known for a while that something has been wrong.  Everyone kept telling us that he was Autistic.  But think, as a parent, that is not something that you want to admit to or to hear.  No one wants to admit that something is wrong with their child.  So, the therapist that we took him to to find out what is wrong due to how many times he’d been in trouble within the first two weeks of school told us to, “find something that will keep his mind and hands busy”.  I came across Geomatrix.  They have building blocks that are magnetic building blocks and similar to the alphabet blocks mixed with a Lego type of block.

These allow my son to be creative, occupy his hands and to concentrate.  By doing that, it also helps him to keep his mind on something to calm him down.  He’s having fun as well as all of the other benefits that they offer.

The magnets in these magnetic building blocks are strong enough to be applied to the fridge and can hold each other up.  As the video shows, there are a lot that the top one can hold onto and pick up all of the ones below the top one..

magnetic building blocks

Since we just recently found out about the Autistic part of his issues, which we originally thought were just him being what some call a “brat”, this has helped him quite a bit.  We’re still looking into getting more for him to build larger things with.  We have decided that it would increase his imagination as well as keep his mind occupied a bit longer.  The longer he can do something like this, the better off he will be as the time expands into his older age.  I’ve heard stories that when they increase in age, so does the Autistic issues.

magnetic building blocks

I still don’t want to label him from a mom’s point of view.  The magnetic building blocks will be beneficial to him and help to keep him from acting out the part of the violence that he’s gotten into trouble with in the past couple of months.



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