Genesis Secrets Revealed by CK Quarterman: Review

This is an insight to the Bible.  It’s based on the beginning of Genesis.  It reveals some of the things that most have taken and not realized that exists in the beginning of man.  The moral of this book is to open the eyes of those that read and study the Bible yet not realize the real meaning of the beginning of the creation of when GOD created man.
Each chapter is done on certain aspects of Genesis and will walk you through things that you probably would had never thought of by just reading the word of GOD.
GOD in this book is also referred to as Elohim, Hebrew for GOD.  There are several chapters that also will reveal more than just the creation of man, but also that of the Angels, Noah’s Flood, and a few other things to be taught from the writings in this wonderful book.
CK Quarterman also reveals in his writing as to why GOD had created the flood that destroyed the Earth and why Noah and his family were the ones chosen to create the ark and live.
I would certainly have to say that this has really helped me to understand the beginning and throughout the writings of Genesis.
CK Quarterman sent this book for me to do a review, free of charge (Thank you CK Quarterman) and it was to do a review for him.
I have another book of his to read and do a review on, so please keep a look out for the upcoming review of “Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters & The New World Order
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