Geddy’s Moon

By: John Mulhall

A wonderful horror book with lots of Stephen King type writing.  It didn’t take much to grab me into this book.  (Even though I’m not really suppose to read horror books as a rule from my husband, after watching Stephen King’s The Mist and he said I slugged him… still don’t think I did, really.  If I had, my hand would had known it.)
Tyler, which didn’t know anything of his past due to having amnesia, was in a town very far away.  He had no idea how he got there, who he was, where he was from or anything else.  All he knew is that he was trying very hard to remember who he was or even a simple part of his past.  He was hired on as a farm hand on a farm that grew wheat.  He had boarding at a cafe that offered a room to him.  The old woman that ran it couldn’t believe that he had done anything bad, but knew she felt sorry for him and allowed him to have a room above the cafe.
Soon, Tyler started seeing a girl from the local library that had a son that was about 10 years old.  She tried to help by bringing him books that would help him learn about amnesia and even some things that she enjoyed reading.  One of the books that she took to him to read, ended up recovering his memory.  It was a book that he had written many years before and realized that his real name is Joel.  The book was written as a fiction book, but in reality is was a non-fiction that he’d written about many years before in California as he was a child and so were his friends.
As a child, Joel and his two friends Richard and Tommy had to stop a serial killer.  He was back and tracking Joel and he had to warn his lady friend that her son and her had to leave that they were in danger.  The killer were coming for them due make Joel suffer.
You have got to read this if you’re a fan of Stephen King or love wacked out horror stories.  Very well written and on a scale of 1 to 10, certainly a 10! (author website and blog) (author page)

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