Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 + #Giveaway #FlyBy #GALAXYBUCK

Buck Denver, will he save the day?  
When “Sector 9” has a module to go out, Buck Denver becomes extremely worried.  That module actually helps to transmit the pastor’s word of God to so many people that they don’t need to lose that word.  They must keep hearing these things to keep their faith rocketing and going strong. 
Buck, being as he is, has been using an app to learn how to become the captain of one of the spaceships.  All he needs to do is to take the test.  Will he pass that test?  Will he actually have a crew of his own and fix that transmitter?
Buck thinks he has to do BIG things.  GOD wants him to do BIG things.  
Deep inside, Buck thinks that GOD wants him to be the one to fix that transmitter and that it’s the BIG thing that GOD wants him to do.  
He has a mission to fix that transmitter because no other spaceships are available.  It could be months before there is anyone else that can go to the plant where “Sector 9” is located to fix the module.  
The test that he needs to take to become the captain of the spaceship, comes when he goes above and beyond to have the module fixed.  His test, fly the spaceship to “Sector 9” that is inhabited and fix the module.  But is “Sector 9” really inhabited?  Is there another life that walks the planet that has been undetected?  
There are sandstorms, quakes and so many other elemental things that happen on “Sector 9”.  Will that stop Buck Denver of fixing the module?
I have to say, I will highly recommend this movie to anyone.  It was pretty entertaining.  Even I couldn’t pull myself from watching this.  It had great theme, story line and base to it, great almost Muppet-like characters.  I have to say that I also enjoyed that Buck got a new nickname.  It was pretty catchy.  Buck Buck Denver.  Now I can’t get that out of my head and I keep calling him that.
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