Frugal Shopping Saving Tips

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This is for all those frugal shoppers!  You hear about frugal shoppers all the time.  How they plan to buy certain things and when to how to save money with coupons and sales is something we’ve all wondered about frequently.

Try starting out by saving the weekly coupons.  Then go to the sites of products that you use and sign up and look for coupons.  By combining store coupons with manufacture coupons you can sometimes get the products that you need the most for FREE or close to free.  The stores can’t combine different manufacture coupons but they can combine the store coupons with manufacture coupons.

By organizing coupons with stores by stores and other such ways you’ll know which ones are where and be sure to keep up with when expirations dates are good and expire.  This keeps you from having them to expire and able to use them asap.

If you have a smartphone, or use digital coupons like from Kroger with your shoppers discount card, you’ll save even more money that way.

It’s a win win deal!  The Weekly Ad Blog has a lot more information for those that are needing to learn this technique!

By doing the above, you can add to the percentage of people that use coupons and save a bit of money, if not a lot of money.  With the economy the way it is right now, it’s a very helpful and recommended thing to check out and do.

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