Updates on site + Free coloring page!

Be sure to check out the end to find the free preschool printable.

Today we have managed to redo the template to the site and add in a few plug-ins for everyone to use, including the admin, me.  There are also some new information on the tabs at the top of the page.  We’ve included a lot of protection to you as our users for virus protection and malware to be sure that our site will remain safe to anyone that decides to visit, sign up for the newsletter (also in the sidebar to your right) or anything else that you’re here to do.  In the back side of the blog, where I am writing to you, there have also been SEO tools plugged in so that we can improve ourselves in the Search engine.

We’re working on getting more content.  Plus we are upgrading our efforts for Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.  To make it even better, we’re now finding all new social media sites that we can become a part of.  Some of those are sites like Plurk, SnapChat and a few others (which we are going to let that be a surprise until we get it set up and finished building our profiles).

We’re going to be putting up  free coloring page for children and parents too once a week.  That hasn’t exactly made it to the site yet.  But stay tuned.  We do have one below that you can print out.  Enjoy!



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