Frazoni Digital Bbq And Cooking Thermometer With Probe And Timer

I’m not sure how many of you enjoy cooking, but it’s one of my post times and helps take away stress and some anxiety.

Fazoni has a digital battery powered thermometer with timer.  It tells the temp in C and F.  It reads with hour and minutes, has several buttons as you can see in the photo above.  The buttons operate as follows: Up, Clock/Timer, Alert, Down, Hour, Start/Stop and Minutes.
This certain thermometer actually operates on 2 AA batteries that are not included.  The back has a stand on it.  To release it you have to pull down gently and then outward.  Otherwise it removes the cover to the battery compartment.
The cord detaches from the device just like a phone charger does from a cell phone.  It’s really simple to use.


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