Five Finger Tees

With many choices of tees to choose from, you can’t fail with buying from them.
Some of their tees are set for comedy, music or many other topics to choose from.
Even after all the years that this saying had been out on M. C. Hammer’s song, it’s still ringing out to everyone.  With fabric that is soft and made to feel good on the skin.


Yoda is my favorite and I hope to buy this one soon.  The top photo shows the one that my daughter chose for me to review and photo her in.
I highly recommend their company to buy from and enjoy their tees.  They are great!  Their tees even make wonderful gifts for anyone.  Cheap for holiday shopping.
Thank you Five Finger Tees for allowing me to do a review of one of your tees.
Note: They do have an affiliate program that is FREE to join through
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