Family Gardening Product With Miracle-Gro

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Enjoy gardening as a family.  Here is a project that we, my family and I, done together.

Obtain the following for the project:
·         At least 6 small white flower pots (can be plastic, ceramic or any other material)
·         BIC permanent markers of all colors of the rainbow
·         Miracle-Gro Shake and Feed Moisture Control Potting Mix (Moisture Control Potting Mix)
·         Seeds of the flower of your choice
·         Wooden marker sticks to remind you of what is planted in each pot

1.       Have everyone gather around the table to enjoy the fun of decorating the pots with their own art using the BIC markers.  Have them to draw their own designs.
2.       Have each one choose a type of flower seed.
3.       Write their names on the wooden stakes for them to know that it’s theirs and what flower on the opposite side.

4.       Take and fill each pot with the Miracle-Gro until it comes about 1in from the top of the pot.
5.       Have each person to stick their finger into the soil to where there is about one inch into the soil and place 2-3 seeds into the hole and cover with the soil.
6.       Water until moist, do not over water.

The Miracle-Gro soil with the fertilizer is the soil that is highly recommended as it has all the plants nutrients included in it.  There is plant food and fertilizer.  This will help the plants grow beautiful and healthy.  Be sure to also include a Miracle-Gro plant liquid food that you just insert into the soil.  This will help it get the most of the nutrients that it will highly need for growing. LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit
The Gro Project

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