Empower Medicine Ball 6 Pounds with Fingertip Grips Review

Empower Medicine Ball with Fingertip Grips

The video above is to show that it’s great for anyone of any age as long as they are heart healthy and okayed by their doctor to at least be able to do some sort of exercise.  My daughter normally doesn’t like to do exercise due to her side hurting.  (We all do that.)
The ball comes shipped with a DVD to work out to and to get better use out of the empower ball.  Keep in mind also that the ball comes in 4lbs and 8lbs also.  I chose the six pound due to weakness in my hands.  It comes and goes and I wanted to make sure that it didn’t go flying through the air toward one of my children or to brake something.


It does help with the core muscles in the stomach area as well as the arms.  There are different exercises that can be done with the medicine ball to help tone up and they are fun exercises.  With the ball it takes maybe ten minutes a day and you can do some sitting at your desk (just be creative with it).


One tip for exercise, no matter who you are, keep a bottle of water close by.  If you don’t, you can dehydrate within a few minutes of exercise.  Hydration is very important.
If you’ll look at the writing on the box, you’ll see that there are many other parts of your body that can benefit from the medicine ball.  Your legs can also benefit from it.  All women (including myself) want to have the muscle legs that are sexy.  You can do the workout in the DVD.  Again, only about a 10 minute workout.


I really like the fingertip grips.  It helps to hold on to the ball and makes it to where if your hands are sweaty, you don’t have to worry about the ball slipping.  Those grips will keep you from worrying about that and you can enjoy your workout with ease.


You can see here that even my 3 almost 4 year old had to check the Empower medicine ball out.  The funny part is, it’s not something he can destruct.  Even when he tries to bounce it, it don’t bounce.  He can’t throw it in the house, not like the others.  He don’t understand why it looks like his ball, but it wont bounce.  (Mommy has an evil grin right now.)  I find it to be very relaxing to know that I can workout and so will my children.  They love working out with the ball.  They are homeschooled and would not workout if you had to tie them to the treadmill at the gym.


Empower medicine ball
This is my 12 year old.  She seems to enjoy working with the ball too.  Treadmill would not ever be a choice that she would choose.  The ball comes into the house, and there she goes with her sprint of energy.  I won’t complain.  However, she better hope she’s ready to share with mom.
I have to give the Empower ball a two thumbs up.  They are fun and have many benefits.


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